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The Perfect Stroke Series

Contemporary Sports Romance



(A Perfect Stroke Prequel)

Darcy Rowsthorn has a plan:

Graduate high school, then college, then become the world’s greatest sports journalist.

That is, until she is assigned an interview with Kane Bryson, Fankirth High’s swim team captain.

She has no room for dark, handsome boys with Olympic sized ambitions, but his quick humor and shadowed past—so eerily similar to her own—have her second-guessing everything.

Shatter - The perfect stroke series.jpeg


The Perfect Stroke Book 1

They call me Kane ‘the bullet’ Bryson.
Sports enthusiasts say it’s for my speed in the pool, female fans say I can get them off faster than any battery-operated alternative.
I’ll tell you it’s both with a wink and a smile.
That is, until shit hits the fan. Trials are coming up for the national team and coach says I need to clean up my image. It would be easier if I didn’t have a nosy blast from the past snooping around for her next scoop.
♥ ♥ ♥
When I’m assigned to follow Kane Bryson’s shot for Nationals my first response is a resounding no.
The bad boy of swimming doesn’t need any more press coverage, and this is one reporter who refuses to kiss his arrogant ass. When the decision is taken out of my hands, I decide it’s time to get creative. He broke me once, now it’s my turn to watch him SHATTER.

2 Shock.jpeg


The Perfect Stroke Book 2

If you ask anyone “who is Xavier Greene?”
They’ll tell you he’s the golden boy of swimming. Squeaky clean and fit to take home to the parents.
If you ask me? I’ll tell you I haven’t a god damn clue.
Since the time I could float, my life has been dictated to me, and I’ve behaved like a good boy.
Except for one time.
Except with her.
Evie Wighson is so far above me I know we have no chance, but when she seeks me out at our friends' wedding, how can I refuse?
If you ask anyone “who is Evie Wighson?”
They’ll tell you she’s Cody Baxter’s sometimes girlfriend. A rich girl who has no direction.
I want to be more.
When an impulsive decision has lasting consequences I am determined to build the life I want on my own.
Even if his touch haunts me.
Xavier has the right to know about the change to our situation. I just have to find the right way to tell him.
No matter what, I know he’s in for one hell of a SHOCK.

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Silver Springs/ Moon Dust Library

Paranormal Reverse Harem Romcom

Moonlit Alexandritemagicnew.jpg

Moonlit Alexandrite

Available Now

A kelpie, a satyr, and a fire salamander watch a succubus walk into a bar…
My name is Lex, and while this sounds like the start of a bad joke, the punchline falls flat, just like my ego when I find out that not one of them is interested in me… even though my succubus insists they be the ones to punch my V-card.
I’m not so sure.
I would drown my sorrows in ice cream and animal documentaries, but I have too much to do!
I have big plans for Crafty Seductions—my new business venture in Moonlit Falls, but someone has it out for me and wants me to fail.
Things are going wrong at every turn.
Then, after an especially disastrous coffee date, these men are suddenly changing their tune.
Is it just the magic?
Or can I trust that this is real?
Dion—the Satyr who may just dance me off my feet.
Ren—the fire salamander who says I’m his greatest treasure.
Tase—the Kelpie who wants to devour me.
And me?
I just want to teach people crafts.
Set to the backdrop of a prank war gone mad, and attempts to keep Ren's five-year-old son innocent in the company of newly mated shifters; my story has all the feels - or maybe that’s just a little feeling up in public.

Moonlit Alexandrite- Crafty Seductions.jpeg

Moonlit Alexandrite: Crafty Seductions

There’s something wrong with my eyes! They’re stuck on you.

Lex and her herd are back for another hilariously chaotic adventure!

When Dion is called upon to take over the family vineyard, their herd will leave Moonlit Falls behind and find adventure in a new town braving satyr family dinners, franchising Crafty Seductions, and surviving Tase’s latest prank wars.

Join all the fun and feel good times with friends, both old and new.



Available Now

Jacinth has been haunting the Silver Springs cemetery since her death. 

When a weeping stranger insists on loaning her a curious-looking amulet, things get interesting. 24 hours of flesh and blood and she can't wait for her first taste of coffee in two years. 

With a little magical push, three brothers may prove to Jacinth that the time of her life may just happen after her death.

All is not as it seems in Silver Springs, though. 

With the arrival of a suspect priest reportedly on a mission to send the cemetery's inhabitants on to the afterlife, and the Fates taking a particular interest in the budding relationship, will Jacinth and her men find a way to LIVE happily ever after

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The One For Us universe

Contemporary Reverse Harem

Where in the World ebook Cover.jpg

Where in the World

A The One For Us universe standalone

October 17th 2022

You only live once…

My name is Rowen Black, but you may know me as Living Chic.

Millions of viewers follow my vlog each week, and my newest series is going to be killer… literally.

After a threat to my life sends me on an international adventure, I form the most unlikely bonds along the way.

Jett — the soldier who is looking for an escape

Linden — the doctor who swears he’ll heal me

Sullivan —the bounty hunter who saw me as an assignment, and

Zephyr who is, quite simply, human sunshine.

I feel a bond with each of them, but will they stay?

Time is running out, and if we can’t uncover who ordered the hit, I may not live long enough to know what we could be together.

Where in the world will we end up? I guess we’ll soon find out.

1 tnssloawm ebook.jpg

The Not So Secret Life of A Wish Maker

The One For Us series

January 26th 2023

Be careful what you wish for…

After a minor misunderstanding ends with me being kicked out of college for “cyber terrorism”, I’m faced with the mortifying reality of being a twenty-five-year-old woman moving back into her parent’s house. 

I don’t think twice when my brother’s ex-roommates offer me his old room as an alternative.

So what if one-quarter of them hate me—the same quarter I keep accidentally falling into bed with—and all four of them are hot as sin.

It’s all fun and games until someone starts playing around in my corner of cyberspace.

Overnight I have the celebrity status I never wanted, and I can’t figure out how to shut things down.

These guys are good, but I promise, I’m better.

I’m Makenna Fairburn, and I’m about to make someone wish they’d never messed with me.

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Tease Me

Contemporary Romance Anthology

Don't let love, or lust, pass you by…

Sink into this incredible collection of never-before-released full-length novels!

Available for a limited time only!

Let us arouse your imagination with dozens of books compiled to satisfy your craving for romance.

They'll tease… excite… and tempt you to sin.

Get ready to swoon over these seductive stories of craving and demand. Yield and advance. Heat. Hearts. Need. Desire. Whatever stirs your passion, we'll find a way to thrill…

Take the tantalizing chance! Devour this scorching boxset before it's gone for good!

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.


Once Upon a Winter

A Fairytale Retelling anthology

Snowflakes cursed by magic.
Twisted fates. Otherworldly dimensions.
All of your favorite fairytales, reimagined.
Consider what would happen if the queen was forced to marry a man she didn’t love, tormented by an evil stepdaughter. Perhaps Gaston survived the fall. Could Hook become the hero?
Evil curses. Tricks from the fae. Fierce warriors. You never know what might happen Once Upon a Winter...
Crave the whimsy, wonder, and heartbreak that begins with once upon a time.


The Billionaire Fling

A Contemporary Romance for Charity

Champagne, sports cars, private jets: these powerful billionaires can buy everything but love.
With the world at their command, how will they cope with the one person who wants their heart, not their money?
Strap on your red sole stilettos, pop open the champagne, and dive into our billionaires' glittering happily ever afters.
Over twenty titillating stories from USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors in a spicy billionaire collection curated by The New Romance Cafe, with ALL proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Her Christmas Harem.jpg

Her Christmas Harem

Another holiday alone? No, thank you.

HER CHRISTMAS HAREM is a limited edition collection of holiday themed romances where the heroine doesn't have to choose between her happy ever afters. Each story comes complete with strong, sassy heroines who find just the right men to cure the holiday blues.

Authors included in this collection are:

Poppy Jacobson
Maci Dillon
Lissa Lynn Thomas
TL Hamilton
Poppy Flynn

and others.

Grab your copy today before the season passes!

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